Panax notoginseng is now being widely farmed in Vietnam, especially in the north. Provinces like Lao Cai, Ha Giang, Lai Chau have received investment from local govt and from private companies not only to farm but also developing techniques, bio technology. If you are foreigners living in Vietnam, or you are Vietnamese living abroad, it is now able to buy Panax Pseudoginseng, Panax Notoginseng from Vietnam. 

how to buy panax notoginseng in vietnam 

Panax Notoginseng in Vietnam

As above mentioned, Panax Notoginseng are now sourced from Vietnam. Finished products and semi-finished products are displayed on market popularly. Most of farms in high-mountain provinces have their own facebook pages, websites to approach buyers faster. Less like Chinese, where a massive number of panax farms supply to the global market hundred thousand tons of radix notoginseng in a rapid range of quality, Vietnamese panax farms are still in developing phase. In this period, govt and QA departments can easily take part in and control the quality, also quantity.

What are finished products and semi-finished products of Panax Notoginseng in Vietnam ?

1. Panax notoginseng powder

hàng lọ bột tam thất

Photo: Panax notoginseng powder in Vietnam

Panax powder is grinded using MF D45 grinding machine, giving out smoothliest powder. Panax powder's effects:

  • Reduce inflammation by its antioxidants
  • Brain function increasing
  • Improve eretile dysfunction
  • Boost the immune system
  • Against cancer
  • Against tiredness, increase energy levels
  • Lower blood sugar

2. Panax notoginseng flower tea

You can choose to buy panax flower, or bud. Panax bud is now popularly used in Vietnam.

 nụ tam thất khô sau khi phơi được đóng hút chân không để bảo quản 

Panax bud can be used the same way you make any tea. 100ml hot boiled water with 3-4 buds make perfect taste. Panax tea effects:

  • Easier to fall asleep, deep sleep
  • Diuretic
  • Sedative
  • Reduce fat, cholesterol

3. Panax notoginseng root (fresh and dried)

Fresh panax notoginseng roots and bulb cannot be sent abroad. Dried products are only able for delivering to other country if certificated. And that's what our company has. Panax bulb / roots having same effects like we mentioned above Panax powder.

How to buy Panax Notoginseng from Vietnam

You can now buy Panax from Vietnam using online method, or visit our stores in Ha Noi, Sai Gon, Hai Phong city. If you are not in one of these cities, try below ways:

Place order online

Our hotline 0084 919 666 568 works 24/7 and our sellers speak good English. We are pleasured to consult more than just how to use and the effects.

How to pay ?

We accept bank transfer, Visa/Master online payment through Paypal, VTCpay, P2P and Cash COD (Cash on delivery).

Shipping policy and guarantees

nụ tam thất lào cai 

Shipping is 100% free Our guarantee policies:

  • Free returning if you dont like the products or feel like not want to use it. Actually you can return without any reason.
  • Panax bud is guaranteed for 6 month, free changing
  • For our Panax Powder, we award 10.000 to customer who found any other element in our powder box.

Looking for seedlings ?

We do sell seedlings of Panax Pseudoginseng in our farm.

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